quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

René & Georgette Magritte

At the age of 16, René Magritte met Georgette Berger, the girl who would be his future wife and creative muse. A year later, in 1914, he left Georgette behind, and he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels to learn how to paint with all the "proper" techniques usually attributed to artists who worked in the figurative style, his plan was to master these techniques before breaking free of them. He would not see his beloved Georgette again until 1920, when by chance he would meet her at an art supply store. In the fall of 1923, René married Georgette, a wallpaper artist, and, by the way, René Magritte was a surrealist and dadaist artist ;)

The Lovers - 1928

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